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I feel awful.

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    I feel awful.

    Tonight, my dog was not listening to me. I'm not sure what her issue is, but as soon as I opened the door she bolted from me (unusual) and chased something. When she came back, she took a potty break but then ran between the fence and the apt building we live in, where I could not reach her. She then proceeded to eat something. I yelled, I said "Bad dog" I said "Come here" I said everything I could to get her attention. She never even turned around.

    It is possible she is a little hungry? But I fed her twice today!

    The point is, regardless, she does not usually act this way. Though I've never had a structured training program with her, when I adopted her three years ago - she was 2 then - she immediately latched on and has been a very good listener. I can walk her without a leash and she won't run or leave my side. Tonight, however, I thought she was in danger.

    I didn't know what she was chewing on. I still don't. It is very dark out. Poision? Animal trap? Dead animal? Worse? I have no clue. But she wouldn't stop and I couldn't reach her.

    Finally, I had to run around the back of the building, grab a stick and a rock, and attempt to get her attention by throwing them toward her. (Nothing big or hurtful.) Even though they both bopped her, she never even looked up.

    Finally, exasperated because I feared she was in danger, I grabbed a larger stick and proceeded to reach through the brush and bushes and the fence between us and wallop her rear end. At first she didn't notice, but as soon as she did and realized it was me she ran back to the front yard. When I ran toward the yard too, she excitedly ran toward me but I was stern with her, grabbed her leash, and using a stern voice and close leash took her upstairs and placed her in the bathroom for about 1-2 minutes. When I let her out, I was very sweet and told her (not that she'll understand) that she was not being a good listener and I want to keep her safe and I love her. She seems fine.

    All that is to say, now I feel incredibly guilty for hitting my dog with a stick. I never, ever hit my dog, and do not use that has punishment. When I train her to do tricks (the only training we've done) I am very reward based. In an emergency situation where she is not stopping do you think a few wacks are ok? Of course, I didn't hit her hard enough to hurt her, but hard enough that she got the picture.

    Do you think I've done any damage to our relationship? :.(

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    I want to emphasize that the only reason I hit her with a stick is because I could not physically reach her any other way.

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    Hi- Just remember not to open the door unless she is leashed, and a thousand tragedies are prevented. I know you weren't expecting her to bolt, but any dog could bolt at any time.

    There is virtually no such thing as a "bad dog", and those words could hurt more than a stick.

    Forget about it. Everyone messes up occasionally. Now you realize a leash is necessary every time.

    And no matter what happens any day, your dog is always, always a good dog. :- )


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    Welcome! Just learn from your mistake and move forward.

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    I agree that you learn from this. You admitted it and you'll never do it again.

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