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Male guinea pigs in same room as female

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    Male guinea pigs in same room as female


    this summer my friend will be going on a trip and she might give me her female pig to care for.i my self have have 2young boars and i was wondering if they would fight if they smell or see the female or something they will be in different cages but in the same room(if itís ok)

    hope you can help

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    not ok, the males will fight for the female and if they are in the same cage it could get nasty and not end well
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    Let say I move the females cage on the second floor of my house in an other room (my males are downstairs) while they are outside, will they notice a difference like a female scent wich will cause them to fight if I bring them back inside after she got all set up in her cage upstairs? Btw thanks for responding ��(sorry for all the questions I never had males around females in any way xd)

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    You could try that, but keep an eye on them. If they start to fight can you separate them while the female is there?

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