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Collapsed Trachia, how to ease the pain.

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    Collapsed Trachia, how to ease the pain.

    One of my dogs has what I believe to be a collapsed trachia which has always hurt to hear her cough but lately It got worse and got me worried so I keep a vigilant eye on her and noticed that after she drank from the water bowl which was on the ground because she is a small dog, she always started to cough. After some thought I came to the conclusion that it was when she bowed her head to drink it was crushing her windpipe so I raised the water bowl enough that she didnt have to reach so low and since she has been a lot better. I am aware this is a degenerative condition and the damage is already done but any relief I can give can only be good. I hope this helps somebodies friend.

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    another tip is to not put a collar on her to walk her, use a harness. Pulling on the lead can damage the throat so no one should walk with a collar. Always use a harness, the collar is ok for tags and identification but even then the collar should be removed when they are in the house, if they get it caught on something and its not a break away collar they can strangle themselves or do damage to the throat
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    My previous chihuahua died from a collapsed trachia, she had it for years before it took her life at 12 years of age. Did you get the diagnosis from your vet? Your dog might be having an episode of reverse sneezing, it's common in toy dogs and nothing to worry about even though it sounds terrible.

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    Some information from an older thread here.

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    my pomeranian has a collapsed trachea and was prescribed furosemide but he still coughs been using a harness for a long time but I am just accepting the fact that i'll keep hearing him cough. I remember someone said there was type of OTC to give dogs with collapsed tracheas so that they are not coughing too much. I'll reply if I can find it.

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