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Random Aggression

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    Random Aggression

    I adopted my three year old pit mix about three months ago. During her year stay in the shelter and two months in a foster home she has never shown the slightest bit aggression, even when upset or hurt. A few weeks ago i was laying with her in my bed with my boyfriend. She was in between us with her head in my lap. She woke up and randomly growled and snapped at his face. I immediately put her into her crate and now every time she sees him she growls and barks. She was still fine around everyone else. a few days after that my sister was playing with her and the same thing happened, the random growling and snap. and now she growls everytime she sees her. My sisters boyfriend had her out of the crate trying to get her used to my sister again and she was okay, even let her touch her. but as soon as i walked into the room she was super excited to see me, then immediately looked at my sister and started growling. Is she doing this to try to protect me?

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    If she only does it when she's with you she is protecting you. If she is just doing it at random people for no reason then the dog is unstable and can't be trusted, you just have to watch her and see how things go
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    I agree with Linda. You will need to work with her on that, in my opinion. Have her around you and those people in question one at a time, correct the aggressive behavior before it happens, don't just punish by crating afterwards. And let her know that it's alright, use positive attitude and voice, give tiny treats and let your boyfriend, sister, etc. join you. I think soon she'll know they are okay and she'll mellow out, good luck. Be careful if you're around any children, the same thing may happen and the results might be bad. Good luck.

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