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Bloodwork prior to spay necessary?

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    Quick question... Miki was prescribed Tramadol for 5 days for pain management (she's on day 3 now). Although the Tramadol may help with pain, it also just makes her really sleepy and I feel like she's caught on to the Tramadol (even when hidden in a ball of sweet potato, she'll just eat the eat sweet potato and spit out the Tramadol). If she takes it, she knows she's going to be drowsy soon.
    She took her prescribed Clavamox bc that was tiny enough, but Tramadol she will not take. Would it be okay to cut her Tramadol meds short? And if not, are there any other alternatives I could use for Miki to ingest the Tramadol? I almost feel like it would be okay to skip the Tramadol but unsure, and my vet is closed now. Unless, does Tramadol have antibacterial ingredients in it as well, therefore she shouldn't skip her dosage? Or is Tramadol just for pain management, and pain management only??

    I figured when I was put under to get my wisdom tooth removed, I was prescribed pain medication but didn't need it. And since Miki seems to be doing fine, I can cut her pain meds short as well, right???

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    Tramadol is just for pain, you could skip it and see how she feels. If you think she needs it and won't take it kind of pinch both sides of the jaw, when her mouth opens put it in and push it far enough down her throat that she can't spit it out. Hold her mouth closed after to make sure she swallows it but if you think she doesn't need it don't give it to her.
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    Got it, Thanks so much!!

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    I'm not a doctor, but I don't think it would do any harm to cut the tramadol in half and just give half if a whole one is making her drowsy. As long as she's not suffering from pain, in my opinion, half is better than nothing. My dogs always spit out pills, I would have to hide in cheese, ground beef, cat food, etc. and sometimes even that would take several tries.

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