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dogs still dying from toxic treats from China

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    dogs still dying from toxic treats from China

    Toxic jerky treats continue to sicken and kill dogs 11 years after the problem was discovered
    Pet owner reports being received by involve dogs who developed Fanconi syndrome, a problem with the kidneys, after eating jerky-type treats imported from China
    A recent case involved a 4-year-old Yorkie who died less than 24 hours after eating a jerky treat the dogís owner purchased at Walmart
    While the FDA hasnít issued any warnings since mid-2016 on the toxic treats, all pet parents should steer clear of any treat that isnít fully sourced and made in the U.S.
    Homemade chicken jerky treats are very easy to prepare, and pet parents can be 100 percent confident they arenít feeding their animal companions something that could hurt them

    Read full story here
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    Terrible. The local pet aisles are full of that junk.

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    I posted about about homemade cat treats and always made the jerky treats in the oven for my dog. I can't trust this stuff from China.


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