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Dangerous Words

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    Dangerous Words

    I was recently struck after watching two random news videos that by coincidence both came from CBS Denver. The otherwise normal news stories both ended with the reporter saying, "This is [so and so reporter], covering Colorado first." The corner of the video also says in capital letters "COVERING COLORADO FIRST".

    I never heard a news station use this sign-off phrase as a policy. Now maybe the intended meaning is about timing, as in "our station covers Colorado news faster than other stations".

    But that's not the way it sounds, because that's not the way it's spoken by the reporters. No, this phrase has virtually the identical ring of Trump's "America First!"

    I find both phrases, which are really slogans, disturbing and a sad comment on society.

    What do "America First!" and "Colorado First!" have in common?

    What they have in common- what they both come down to is- "Me First!"

    So, that's where we are nowadays. Supposedly mature, responsible adults, who have no greater vision or aspiration for themselves, their country, and the world than "ME FIRST!"

    I certainly don't mean to disparage the great State of Colorado. That's just where I happened to hear that phrase from, which led me to see the similarity. This is a widespread shadow not limited to any particular region.

    "ME FIRST!" Like five year olds at a playground. Is this who we are? Is this who we want to become? Chanting and yelling such mantras? On the evening news no less?
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