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Remembering Oz

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    Remembering Oz

    Oz was found a few inches away from his dead mother. I took him in fed and cared for him took him to the vet but sadly he was the runt and even though we did as much as we could he sadly died this morning during feeding curled up in my hand. Ive not been this sad for a very long time he meant so much to me and Id give anything to get him back I really miss him.
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    Rest in peace.

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    Sorry to hear that Oz had to leave.

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    I do a podcast about pets with my sister called: FurBalls & DogBones - A great resource for all things pets!
    Help all the pets you can!

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    RIP little Oz. I'm sorry for your loss.

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    Here is a short video of Oz getting ready for bed.

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