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My dog hates the new puppy :(

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    Unhappy My dog hates the new puppy :(

    Hello all,

    I have a 5 year old Jack Russell. The family believed she is lonely and needed a companion, as she cries for other dogs every-time we go out. About a week ago we took the plunge and rescued a very young puppy from the shelter, convinced it was in our dogs best interest and she would be thrilled to have a playmate....however its been a nightmare

    Our Jack Russell absolutely hates the new puppy. She refuses to be touched if the puppies scent is on you and keeps her distance from the little guy. While the puppy was running around he briefly got into her bed and grabbed one of her favorite toys... I've never heard a dog scream in the way she did. Now she will no longer lay in her bed or play with her toy no matter how many times I wash them. First she stopped taking treats from us, and today she has stopped eating all together.

    It absolutely breaks my heart to see my girl so distraught over the new puppy. The situation is giving me major puppy blues and is making it hard to bond with the new pup. He really is a great dog, but I feel like i've lost my older dog. I desperately miss all the kisses and snuggles. I feel like we made a horrible mistake and theres nothing I can do to fix it.

    Has anyone had a similar experience with their fur babies? Any advice into helping my girl adjust would be greatly appreciated.

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    just because the dog is good and plays with other dogs doesn't mean she wants a new dog in "her" house. And puppies can be relentless with the older dog. She'll get over it but it may take a little time and worse if its another female. You may have to keep them separate in different rooms with a baby gate or some kind of barrier between them hopefully for just a little while. If you don't want to do the baby gate consider getting a playpen to keep the puppy in for now. And a playpen is good if you want to take it outside and can't watch him every minute.
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    Also give your older dog extra attention so she knows she's still top dog around the house. And do things first with her, for example, she's first to get her meal.

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    It's only been a week, she feels threatened and insecure by the new puppy. It would have been good to introduce them away from the home on neutral grounds so they get to know each other, but it's too late for that. I agree about giving her extra attention, feed her first and give her treats first. You have to calm things down, don't let the puppy get too wild until they are getting along. Don't ever scold your JR if she growls at him, she's just showing her dominance. The house dog, especially a female, will generally be dominant over new males.

    Take them on walks on leashes together, get a buddy to hold one leash if needed until they accept each other. The pup is probably really happy to be with you, and she may be a little jealous. Let her know he's okay and part of the family. Give her lots of love and attention now, a baby gate is a good idea to block him off and let her relax for a couple of hours, and just view him through the gate and see he's no threat.

    Give them both some new toys, one for each of them so she doesn't feel left out. Stay calm with them, your energy will help them to relax. Good luck and welcome.

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