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Another Story Of My Lilly

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    Another Story Of My Lilly

    Lilly had to go to the Bridge on Tuesday, May 8. 2018. But in her 11 years here, she certainly made her pawprint known!

    A few years ago, we had an issue with our internet. So the ATT guy had to comes out here to fix it. Lilly came to the door with me to let him in, and he said, "Put away your dog."

    She only barked twice, and was standing there wagging her tail.

    I went to reach for her, to put her outside in the fenced-in backyard, but she had that awful look of total hurt and shame in her face. I said, "Let's go out back, girlfriend," and she whimpered, but started to follow me to the back door.

    The ATT guy said, "Wait. Is that like a nice dog? It seems pretty big."

    I said, "She is a nice girl, but I'll put her outside. I don't want you to be afraid."

    He said, "No, wait, what's her name?"

    I told him she was Lilly and he called her name and the next thing I knew, Lilly and the ATT guy were all over each other like a bad rash! I gave the ATT guy some treats to give her, and they had a blast! He did his thing, Lilly watched, and she was so good.

    The ATT guy said he was always afraid of big dogs, but when he met Lilly, when he left, he said, "I love her!!"

    When he went to his truck, Lilly escorted him. Oh that was so cute!! When he got into his truck and closed the door, Lilly seemed ok with that and came up on the deck.

    He came out in June when we had an issue with internet. He said, "Where's Lilly?"

    Ouch. I had to tell him she had passed, and he was so sad. So was I. He said, "Oh I'm so sorry. She was a great dog, I didn't like big dogs but your Lilly changed my mind."

    Wow, just wow. I got an email from him a couple weeks ago. He and his family adopted a Lab/Great Dane mix .. a HUGE puppy!

    So much for being afraid of big dogs. The puppy is three months old and weighs over 20 pounds already!

    Way to go, Lilly!

    Hope that puppy came with a saddle. Hahahahaha!


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    Great story Saav, bless your baby girl!

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    Such a great story!
    I do a podcast about pets with my sister called: FurBalls & DogBones - A great resource for all things pets!
    Help all the pets you can!

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    :- D

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    Wow! I love that story!!! Thanks for sharing!

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