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The right pet?

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    The right pet?

    Hi! I am looking for another pet that is right for me (I already have a dog). I will be leaving for college in two years and I am unsure whether I would be able to bring it with me to my dorm and my parents would not want something that they would have to take care of for a long time after I leave. I currently go to high school and I have a busy schedule so I wouldn’t have that much time to socialize with the animal. I know these are tough criteria but is there any animal (rodents, reptiles, etc) that could be fun without being too maintenance heavy?

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    Maybe a syrian hamster? It might sound a bit... brutal, but they typically only live two years so you wouldn't really have to worry about bringing one with you. There's a ton of resources online on how to take care of them properly, which is a plus. They're really fun if you can give them all the right supplies, mine will fall asleep in my hand and snuggle up on me for warmth. I made my own bin cage for him, I can send you a link on how if you'd like.
    Other than that, a betta fish or even a pair of rats are all short-lived, low-maintenance pets. Rats in particular are REALLY smart and playful, and with a pair you won't need to have any one-on-one time with them if you don't have time.

    Hope you find something that suits you!

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    Ok thanks so much! Yeah I’ve had a hamster before and I loved the experience. But I’ve always been interested in rats as well.

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    How about a Betta fish? There quite easy to care for.

    1. feed once in the morning and once is the evening.

    2. clean out the cage once a week.

    Pretty easy!

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