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pet for 30in x 20in x 20in cage?

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    Question pet for 30in x 20in x 20in cage?

    Hello, I have a spare 30in x 20in x 20in (1/2in bar spacing) bird cage that I've added two platforms and ramps to, and furnished with the INTENTION of getting two rats, but my mom is hesitant because she doesn't like their tails... even though we've had 3 mice... . Well, I still have the cage and I was wondering what other small pets could I put in there? I was thinking maybe a chinchilla, or a pair of young ferrets. I can get a larger cage later on, if need be, but preferably not.
    I have plenty of experience with exotics, I have a sun conure, many fish, hamster(s) and an axolotl. Took a couple classes on them at the shelter, too!
    Any ideas?

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    Hi Momabeans!

    First, can we see a picture? It would make it easier to think what could fit or live in it.

    I'm thinking about getting a gerbil, would that fit ​you?
    I love my chicks and they love me!

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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