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Shelter keeping our newly adopted dog?

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    Question Shelter keeping our newly adopted dog?

    New here, figured it would be a good place to ask this question!

    My girlfriend and I just recently signed off on the papers and paid the adoption fee for a cute little Husky last week. The shelter told us they scheduled a spaying for her yesterday (7/23) and that she would be ready for us to pick up today (7/24).
    However, they called us yesterday informing us that they couldn't spay her because she has some tick disease (that she probably got while being in the shelter) and that they're treating her with antibiotics and they're holding our dog at the shelter for 30 days until they can spay her again? We even had to call the vet to get the exact disease that our Husky has.

    What we don't understand is why they have to keep her for 30 days when all the treatment is, is feeding her an antibiotic every day. We're thinking about going over to the shelter on Thursday 7/26 to talk to them and see her.
    I need opinions on how to go about this, because we already have everything at home ready for her and do not wish to wait 30 more days to bring our dog home. We were thinking about just saying we'll get or pay for the antibiotics from the vet ourselves and sign a promise to sterilize form.


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    Hi and welcome. I think that shelters won't let any dogs go out to new homes unless they are spayed or neutered. So, if that operation is delayed, the adoption of the dog would be delayed also. They are responsible not to knowingly release any dog that are not in good health, so they likely want to monitor the antibiotic treatment and make absolutely sure the Husky is completely over that tick disease before they proceed with the spaying.

    I think the 30 day wait is to make sure the medicine is effective and she's healthy enough to have the spay surgery so they can sign her over to you with no issues. I think it's worth the wait, maybe you can have some visits in the meantime to bond with her?

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    I completely understand the process and possible reasoning they have for keeping her for the 30 day period. Both me and my SO have had pets and taken care of animals before, we're completely willing to go the vet and get our own prescription for new dog.
    I've known several people who have adopted pets also that have signed a promise to sterilize form and got their pet the same day. I did some research on the tick disease that they claim she has, and it's nothing major. It's treated with a simple antibiotic once a day for 2-4 weeks, something we're capable of doing ourselves, and in some cases a dog will just get over the disease themselves with no treatment.

    We're also kind of afraid that she may catch some other disease being around dozens of other animals that may also be sick. We understand they want to keep her until they can release her to us in a healthy state, but she is high at risk for getting a different kind of disease. We've also done some research on dogs being kept in cramped shelters for long periods of time and it affects them psychologically. We just feel pretty uncomfortable with all this, seeing as we have already paid for her and signed the adoption papers.

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    My Sunny was carrying a tick disease, i.e. a blood parasite, when she arrived. It was asymptomatic and unknown in the beginning. But when the vet discovered the problem, it was not a normal 1 or 2 week antibiotic treatment. It was a full 30 days of an antibiotic that targets the parasite's life cycle to completely eliminate it from the dog's blood. The vet told me this is normal and necessary for tick disease.

    Personally I would be careful about pressing the shelter on their decisions and protocols. They know their work. If you present yourself to them as overbearing and obstinate, they may decide to reevaluate your selection as the adopter.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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