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Yet Another Story Of Lilly (warning - she was protective and hurt no one)

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    Yet Another Story Of Lilly (warning - she was protective and hurt no one)

    I had gotten off at 11:00pm from work and after a 30-minute drive home, I needed to bake a cake for my neighbor's birthday. I needed to get it done that night because I had a 9am dentist appointment the next morning that involved pulling a tooth and her party started at 11am. I was crunched for time, plus I had to get her presents ready and all wrapped.

    I got home, Lilly greeted me, we went out as usual, then I came into the kitchen to do my thing with the cake and realized I was out of sugar.

    Long story short, as the grocery store was closed, I decided Lilly and I could take a ride to the nearest 24-hour convenience store for it so we did.

    It was a nice cool spring night and I left Lilly in the car with windows down about 3 inches. I found the sugar and all of a sudden there was yelling outside and some guy ran in the store yelling, "Call 911! A guy got bit by a dog!"

    I turned and said, "What dog?"

    He said, "Some huge dog in a Subaru!"

    I knew it was Lilly. I put the sugar down and ran out to see, and sure enough, three guys were at my car. I asked what happened and this very drunk angry guy yelled, That ******* dog snapped at me!"

    I asked why the dog snapped, and he yelled, "I don't know! I just stuck my arm in the window to pet it and it snapped!!"

    I asked to see his arm. He showed me. No marks, no nothing.

    Now I am going to pause (paws) this story and ask of all you: Who in their right mind would stick their arm into a car with a big dog in it? Who does this?

    He was yelling about her being a dangerous dog and carrying on like he'd been dismembered. I knew cops were coming, so I calmed Lilly, who was growling a little, and waited for the cops.

    Long story short, the cop who came asked him the same thing. He thought the guy was an idiot too. Then the cop pretty much ignored Lilly and me, ran a check on the guy, and turned out he had several arrest warrants on him, and one had to do with domestic violence and violating a restraining order.

    The cop told me after he cuffed and stuffed the guy, "No worries, honey, you and your dog are free to go. Have a good night."

    We left, found another convenience store down the road, I got the sugar I needed without incident, and made sure I got Lilly one of those big jerky treats and she loved that on the way home.

    Kudos to you, Lilly, for protecting the car and me, and just snapping. Lilly never ever snapped at anyone in her entire 11 years except for him, and of course she never ever bit anyone.

    Way to go Lilly!

    I have more stories of her, but I'm guessing y'all are sick and tired of hearing of her by now.


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    I love stories about her! This was great! What a dummy.
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    Lol! Lilly delivers justice.

    Quote Originally Posted by Saav View Post
    very drunk angry guy yelled, That ******* dog snapped at me!"
    I counted the asterisks. Message delivered.

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    Oh, don't stop now Saav! I want to here more like FurBalls! This one was a good one, How'd he know if she were friendly or not?!

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    You can't fix stupid, that idiot should have gotten bitten, a little pain might have been good for him. Something about dogs and glass, turns them aggressive. Phoenix would have taken his arm off and his face if she could have reached it. Only one time I took her with me to pick up my son at school after finals, no transportation is provided when they have finals because they stay until they are done the test and leave. So I was in the parking lot waiting for him to come out, a bunch of kids just walked by my car, put her in such a state she actually rocked the car trying to get to them. Seriously if someone had put their hand in the car they would have pulled back a stump.
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    Nobody in their right mind would ever do that, I wouldn't even reach into someone's elses vehicle to pet a toy just don't do that. Glad they took care of the drunk criminal, but really too bad you had to be so inconvenienced like that, you're time was already limited.

    Lilly was a good girl, love hearing these stories about her, thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks you all! I love you folks.


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