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Kitten born with hydrocephalus and a cleft palate, need help

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    Exclamation Kitten born with hydrocephalus and a cleft palate, need help

    We are currently fostering a cat who gave birth to 7 kittens (one was stillborn) and one was born with hydrocephalus and a cleft palate (we believe, we aren't sure yet). We will be heading to the vets tomorrow if the newborn cat, Snowball, lives through the night.

    We have fed her kitten formula with a small syringe, multiple times (every 2 hours). We do not know the likelihood of survival, and we have searched, but cannot find it. If you have a rough estimate, or know from experience, please help.

    Here are photos of Snowball:
    Sorry for the low quality images. Will provide higher quality images if needed.

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    If she survives she will require surgery to fix her mouth, just like a child born with a cleft palate they pretty much would have the same surgery. As long as she is taking food and water and is peeing and pooping ok there is no reason to suspect she won't live.
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    Please get that kitten to a vet immediately. This is a very serious condition and can't be dealt with at home. Please do this.


Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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