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How About a Place to Post As If Our Pets Were Talking?

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    How About a Place to Post As If Our Pets Were Talking?

    It could be just a funny place under humor and be a part of humor. We could post as if our pets were speaking in like a screenplay format.

    For instance, everyone knows I have Pook and Saav and all. It could be something like this:

    Pook: Hey, Saav, ever notice how funny humans look when they come out of the shower?

    Saav: You're kidding right? Humans look funny all the time. They don't have fur.

    Something like that. I would love to share all this junk with the forum and maybe have a spot where we can be creative and have fun with our pets. Back in 2004, I belonged to a cat group on the old MSN Groups, and by doing that, I eventually wrote my book.

    This was a classic back then:

    Pook: (pawing away at keyboard) Dang this Photoshop thing! It won't fix my picture!!

    Saav: Yow, hold on, let me see.

    Pook: See what I mean? Arrrgghhhh!!

    Saav: Um, Pooks, it's not the program. You actually do look like that.

    Wouldn't that be fun maybe? Of course it would be open to all pets; cats, dogs, birds, horses, lizards, fish, whatever.

    Just an idea maybe?

    I love this place!


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    Start a thread in Humor Saav, and we'll see where it goes!

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    Off to the Humor section ... this might be fun! Thanks!


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