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Another Story of My Lilly

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    Another Story of My Lilly

    When our dear cat, Isis passed (I posted this a long time ago) I came home and I was miserable at losing her. It was heartbreaking.

    I was crying in my pillow on the bed. Lilly jumped up on the bed, sniffed at me, and settled down next to me with a paw on my shoulder. She understood.

    It was like a doggy hug. I rolled over to her and gathered her into my arms and she licked my tears away. I finally fell asleep and when I woke up many hours later, Lilly was still in my arms with her head on my pillow.

    She was such a dear. I wish everyone could have a dog like Lilly.



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    So sorry you lost Isis. I'm glad Lilly was there to comfort you. Good story!
    I love pets and I love Silky!

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    Touching story Saav. They do feel our pain and know when we're sad, nothing better than having the comfort of a furry friend by your side. Lilly was a sweet girl.

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    Awww sweet story!
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