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Cat scratches the ground and spills water before drinking

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    Cat scratches the ground and spills water before drinking

    Hello, recently my cat has gotten into the weird habit of clawing and scratching the ground around her water bowl pretty intensively, and after she does this, she dips he nose into the water, sneezes and then does it again, while still scratching the ground, and in the end after drinking a bit of water she hits the bowl from side to side and starts spilling the water and sometimes even flips the bowl. Is this a sign of a bigger problem or just a bad habit I should try to get rid of? And if so, how should I go about it?

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    get a water fountain. most cats love running water and they like to drink the water as it comes down before it gets to the bowl
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    Hi Blue, welcome. I'm not a doctor, but that sounds really strange to me, I'd go to the vet and get her checked out, maybe a neurological problem?

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    Welcome to the forum. Whati s your kitty's name?

    My cat also "digs" in front of her bowls. There is nothing wrong with that by itself. Putting her nose 4in the bowl and tipping it over that way is something to worry about for obvious safety reasons.
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    WELCOME! Sorry, no more tips, but I'd check with your vet.

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