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Cat Scratches Dog

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    Question Cat Scratches Dog

    I have a 1 yo golden retriever who loves to play with our cat. For the most part, the cat loves playing with him and always swats at his tail. We have had to pull a couple of cat nails out of his nose before and he's had a couple of nose scratches but never any crazy altercations. Last night, they were playing as usual and the dog screamed. When I walked over, the cat had scratched the dog's eye really bad. We had to take the dog to the emergency vet and they did testing and we now need to follow up with an opthomolagist to make sure the scratch isn't too deep so that he doesn't go blind. Has anyone dealt with similar situations with their pets? Did you do anything to stop the cat from scratching other animals and causing harm? I am really conflicted, alot of people have suggested declawing the cat but I really hate that idea. I just want to keep all of our animals safe. Has anyone ever used nail caps to help with similar situations? Please let me know of any ideas or solutions you have!

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    Sorry to hear that about your dog, hope his eye is okay and it doesn't affect his sight. My dog and cat play, but the cat has never scratched him with claws out or gone to hurt him. I definitely would not recommend to anyone to declaw their cat, it's a painful operation that may have negative effects on the cat for their whole life.

    I never used the nail caps, but from what I've heard they keep coming off and are difficult to keep putting back on.

    I think you should just get a tiny cat nail clipper and keep the tips trimmed down so if there are any scratches they aren't so severe. Perhaps you can also use a small emery file to round off the tips and make them even smoother. If you see the cat is about to attack your dog, you can use a spray bottle with plain water in it to deter the cat. Say no, or leave it, and simultaneously spray the cat so he backs off and hopefully learns.

    Really, the dog's tail is not a toy and the cat probably needs more toys or things to occupy his time. Do you have cat trees by windows for the cat to scratch and amuse himself? Do you use any feather wands or things like that to actively play with the cat? You can play until the cat is tired and panting a bit, it gets rid of some excess energy.

    Good luck, don't give up, teach the cat to be more mellow, exercise him more and try to supervise both of them together for awhile until the training is done and the dog isn't getting harmed anymore at all. Even nails in the nose sounds pretty severe to me. Welcome to the forum!

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