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Unidentified Health Problem Needing Help

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    Unidentified Health Problem Needing Help

    We have a 7 year old rottweiler and over the last week our dog has stopped eating almost entirely. There are numerous symptoms going along with not eating. Quite lethargic, drinks more water than normal and some diarrhea. There is a high protein content in the urine, low protein in the blood, blood sugars are normal (not diabetic which was the first thought), low red blood cell count, normal white blood cell count (doesn't seem to be an infection), x-rays were performed and there were no abnormalities, and an ultrasound was performed and no abnormalities were found there either. There are the main points when it comes to what has been going on and what we have checked. We were also thinking kidney failure but that does not seem to account for all of the symptoms, such as not eating. The vet was also leaning away from kidney failure at this point too. No one seems to know what it is. Any advice? Hoping someone has encountered this before.

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    Have you checked the dog's teeth? Sometimes dental issues can keep a dog or cat from eating; therefore, they get lethargic from not eating.

    How about his sinuses? Sometimes when they can't smell, they can't smell food.

    Hoping this helps. Keeping paws crossed for you!


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    I don't know what the problem is, but it sounds serious. Hoping your dogs gets over whatever this is and gets healthy again. Good luck and welcome.

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