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Cat doesnt seem happy

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    Cat doesnt seem happy

    Ok so this is a long story so bear with me and thanks for reading it in advance.

    So 8 years ago me and my wife rented an apartment and we got two cats (Georgie and Megatron) My wife was never a cat person but i kinda converted her a little bit.
    4 Years ago we bought a house and got a dog (Franklin- he is a 100# pointer mix). When we got frank, he constantly wants to play with the cats and i think his energy kinda freaked the cats out, but it was never like mean, like he would chase them and lick them- the cats were not amused. I put a toddler fence on one bedroom in the house and we put the cats litter boxes in there and fed them in there too - it was kinda their spot and all was good, with the exception of the occasional spat.

    Over time, Georgie kinda has warmed up to frank, but Megatron hates his guts and will hiss at him every time they encounter each other. Sometimes he even will attack frank and scratch him if franklin even walks by. My wife has been like "just get rid of megatron" for a while. She just has always said that megatron might be better in a home where he gets more attention than we can give him here. She isnt wrong, megatron is a huge dick but I refused to even consider it at first.

    i have been doing everything to take care of the cats since we moved anyway and in my view they are family plain and simple. I just kept hoping they would figure it out, which maybe is where i went wrong, i dunno. Frank has also adjusted and calmed down a bit. Our house isnt huge but its big enough that they kinda coexist without interacting much.

    In April we found out that we are expecting our first baby. So in the process of readying the house for the little man in december, we kinda took the cats bedroom from them to make it a spare bedroom for parents who will surely end up coming over more frequently with the baby.

    by "took the cats bedroom" basically what i did was, i gradually took their litter boxes and this queen mattress they had and moved it into a different room. I sweetened it up with new toys, treats, etc.. I also put a toddler fence there to keep frank out so they have a spot to retreat to.... this happened like 3 months ago. At first i know the cats were pissed ... understandably ..... but georgie has adapted and isnt a problem. Megatron has been literally the polar opposite.

    He has been pooping all over the house, starting fights with Georgie and frank. He just doesnt seem happy.... I wonder if maybe he would be better off somewhere else where he will get more attention? I dont want to give up on him without at least knowing i tried everything i could within reason, but im close to wits end here. Does anyone have any advice for how i can fix this / just take him somewhere? I'm just lost.

    The thought of megatron in a kennel breaks my heart but so does him being unhappy here. These are my first pets so i have zero experience here so any advice is much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance! and sorry for such a long post i just wanted to get as much of the story in as possible.

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    cats don't like change, they are stressed. Getting the dog stressed them, moving them into a room stressed them and taking them out of the room they had adjusted to stressed them not to mention they know your wife doesn't like them.

    How many litterboxes do you have? You should have three, one for each cat and an extra. Have you changed the litter? Could be they don't like the litter, have you changed their food? Anything new will stress them. For me getting rid of the cat would not be an option. First thing is to take him to a vet and see if its something medical, Whenever there is a radical change a checkup is in order to rule out anything medical. Because your wife is pregnant is no reason to get rid of them, they haven't even done anything yet other than not using the litterbox.

    Do you have a cat tree? if not get one, put it where they can see you and interact with you and if the dog bothers them they can climb the tree. Once they get used to the new goings on in your house they will settle down. When the baby is born take a towel or baby blanket and rub it all over the baby, let them get the scent of the child so it won't be totally unfamiliar to them. I'm sure your wife will freak out if they get in the crib with the baby, not to worry, they won't hurt him or suck his breath, that's an old wives tale.
    They will just check him out and probably lay beside him but I seriously doubt the'd hurt him.

    Calm down, tell your wife to calm down and take things one day at a time. Things usually have a way of working themselves out.

    you might also consider getting a catio or two, it hangs in the window like a window air conditioner, has a magnetic door so they can go in and out and is all caged in so nothing can get to them and they can't get to anything. Might do them good to be able to go outside and lay in the sun and watch what's going on outside.
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    I have to agree with Linda. Cats do not like change at all. But I don't think your furbaby is beyond hope and with a little time, some TLC and a lot of love I'm sure things will settle back down.

    You can always ask you local animal shelter what some of the methods are that they use to help cats adjust and if you are up for a little reading here's a small blog that sheds some insight on various cat behaviors.

    Best of luck to you and your family.

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