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This Sounds Stupid, But Goodbye To An Appliance

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    This Sounds Stupid, But Goodbye To An Appliance

    Goodbye to our kitchen fridge. You served us well for over 15 years, and we thank you. You came to us almost 16 years ago, when we were just getting this house together. You never failed us, and remained faithfully through the years, cooling our diabetic cats' chicken, and her insulin and things she needed.

    You faithfully provided ice for all the cats and dog in their water dispensers in hot weather, and yes, even gave me ice for my lemon water.

    You gave me the refrigerated food for the end time of my sweet Lilly that helped her and made it easier for her to eat.

    You faithfully refrigerated the insulin that helped our dear Isis live longer.

    I am so sorry we have to say good-bye. Now you're on the deck awaiting a pick-up, and you do have many good working parts they will use and you will live on.

    Bless you, my precious refrigerator. I will always remember you. Our new one will carry on in your memory, and she will refrigerate the challenges as you did.

    I thank you, and may your parts live on to help all people.


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    Not stupid. I even feel indebted and metaphysical every three months when my non-stick pan wears out and I have to replace it, like this morning. I use it twice a day, often more, and it is so important for our food. Fifteen years with a refrigerator is a much longer time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dog Force One View Post
    Not stupid.
    I agree. I don't like throwing away stuff either.
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    No way! Thats not stupid! Just like Furballs, I don't like throwing away stuff either.

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