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My old cat, but not! ;)

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    My old cat, but not! ;)

    Hey everyone!

    There was a picture of a cat that looked exactly like Silky in the line of pictures on the home page of petforums. (Some of you might not be familiar with my old cat, to learn about her, go to the thread "My old cat") She looked just like her, a beautiful black and white cat....same markings and everything! Her album was made by "bluewaters". I can't get back to it right now......maybe tomorrow I'll find it and post the link for you!!! If someone finds it please post the link for everyone to see! Also, the cats name is "raziya" if that helps!
    I love pets and I love Silky!

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    You can search her user name and go to her profile page to see her albums, this is the one you're talking about.

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    Great Alpha! Thank you so much!

    Now everyone else can see what I'm talking about!
    I love pets and I love Silky!

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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