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Problem with Dog's Paw. Disease/problem identification help.

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    Problem with Dog's Paw. Disease/problem identification help.


    So, I'm a first time dog owner. We adopted my dog (Sierra, 2yo lab mix) in December at a Petco rescue adoption event.

    I noticed tonight that she was licking her paw quite a bit. It looks to me to just be a scab (maybe she cut it on something) but honestly to be safe I'm posting it here. I tried gently rubbing with water, but it doesn't "wash away" as I thought it may. Hopefully some more experienced dog owners will be able to identify this issue. I appreciate the help.


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    Sorry, was having a bit of trouble uploading all of my photographs

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    It looks like she may have had or still has something in the pay, like maybe a sliver of glass or a sliver of wood ect. She may have gotten it out herself and now its irritated and possibly infected. Take a magnifying glass and see if you can see anything in it or a little hole where something was in it. If you take her to a vet and its determined its an infection and put on an anti biotic its very important to give her a probiotic daily. The anti biotic will give all bacteria including the bacteria she needs in her gut to remain healthy, the probiotic will put it back. You should consider giving her a probiotic daily anyway.
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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