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Alpha Lipoic Acid Dosage

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    Alpha Lipoic Acid Dosage

    I need help. My vet gave me alpha lipoic acid to give to my dog. She said to give him 1 tablet 2 times a day. The tablet is 50mg. My dog is 20.1 pounds. He seems extremely tired. He will get up to eat and go on walk etc but the rest of the time he lays in the house and does not move. Is this to high of a dose? Maybe he should be on one tablet? We give him one in the morning when he wakes up and one at night before bed. Any advice please. I would ask my vet but they are out of the office for the weekend. I have tried looking online but really cant find an answer. THank you!!

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    Hi, there are no doctors here to my knowledge, but if my dog were reacting badly, I would stop the med right away. Excuse me, why is the vet having your dog take ALA? It's billed as a "super-antioxidant" for people, but my impression is that among supplements it falls in the scam catagory. Another "fountain of youth" to separate people from their money. I take quite a few supplements myself, but ALA seems dubious.

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