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Please tell me how this wound looks :(

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    Please tell me how this wound looks :(

    My new kitten and first pet, Tilly, was adopted last Friday. She is almost 9 week old. The day before I picked her up, she was spayed. I am not sure exactly how the wound looked when I first got her (I didn't notice any stitches or anything), but today (5 days after surgery) I am noticing that the small incision looks open. I've caught and stopped her from licking it twice but it is not seeming to really bother her and affect her temperament. She has been eating a lot and sleepy most of the day but she does occasionally explore and play with her toy mice. I am just concern the wound is not healing or healing properly. It looks like there is a small amount of clear liquid inside the wound. I've been having a panic attack trying to figure out what to do. Someone please help!


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    it looks fine, as long as there is no puss, swelling or leaking its ok. I assume she will be going back to the vet in a few days to have the stitches removed, they will check her over and reassure you that everything went fine. That little piece near the middle looks like there was a stitch there and maybe she pulled it out. As long as its healing and not infected don't worry about it.
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    Welcome to the forum. ConCATulations on choosing to adopt a kitty for the first time. What is her name?

    What looks weird to me is the wound's locaiton. Vets are not supposed to dissect teats (nipples) in healthy kittens and usually cut skin in the symmetrical center of the cat's body.

    Apparently she tore her stitches out when you weren't looking. Your vet will know what to do when you take her in for a wellness exam and everything else that needs to be done.
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