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Potty Issues

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    Potty Issues

    Hello Everyone. I have an issue that we need help with (obviously, lol)

    We have a one year old lab/pit mix, her name is Abby. We got her from the pound this past March. Everything was great, we had her trained to use the bathroom outside within a month. And both the cat and dog live..... well, they coexist, lol.

    Hereís the problem: the dogís bathroom habits. From when we initially got her, she used the bathroom outside. No big deal. We had a good routine. Lately, maybe within the last month or so, it appears she has stopped going to the bathroom outside, altogether. Sheís now going in the house. We have ruled out anything health related, her urine and stool hasnít changed in scent, color or consistency. Her energy hasnít changed. What has changed is her potty habits, and she eats according to this. I could put her bowl with food and water outside when We leave in the morning, and when we come back in the evening, her food and water had been untouched completely. Which means she hasnít gone to the bathroom, either. She doesnít eat or drink ANYTHING until we bring her in the house. Sheís refusing to eat or drink for up to about 12 hours. We tried the taking her out after she eats in the evening bit, but.... sheíll go outside and just lay down, instead. Will not use the bathroom outside.

    What do we do????? Iím losing my patience with this. Iíve tried not giving her food overnight to ďresetĒ her eating pattern. Didnít work. Our only solution is to keep her outside permanently, which is something I donít want to do.

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    you have to start over with her as if she were a small puppy. Crate her when you can't watch her. The crate has to be just big enough for her to lie down, stand and turn around. Don't give her any room to get away from it. Most dogs will not go where they sleep. About 15 minutes or so take her out, tell her "go potty" you can also take some of her poop outside where you want her to go, sniffing it may stimulate her to go. When she goes give her praises and a treat, if she doesn't go put her back in the crate and try again in a few minutes. She will catch on, she will come to associate the words "go potty" with going outside to poop. She needs to be on a schedule, feed her then take her out at the same time every day. You can also leash her to you, that way you can catch any accidents before they happen. Dogs can go several days without food before their blood sugar drops so if she refuses to eat pick up the bowl after 15 minutes and give her nothing until the next meal.

    If she does have an an accident in the house don't scold, hit or holler at her, just clean it up and move on. If you scold her all that will accomplish is to make her afraid of you and she'll find corners or someplace to go where you can't see her. Crate her, she'll bark or fuss when she has to go out, take her out, if she doesn't go its back in the crate. No food or water several hours before bedtime, what doesn't go in doesn't have to come out.

    I'm sure she's no dummy, she just needs a refresher course.
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    Welcome! It sounds like she is having separation anxiety, or maybe something outside is making her uncomfortable so she doesn't eat or go potty. Are there animals around your yard, perhaps loud noises? I paper trained my dogs in the past, so when I went out and they couldn't access the yard, they had a place to go inside that was safe. Newspapers on the kitchen floor, although being gone for a full work shift, they usually waited until my return to be let outside. Good luck with your girl!

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