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Another shelter visit!

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    Another shelter visit!

    Hi everyone!

    I took another shelter visit a few weeks ago and decided to share some pictures I took. Sorry I posted them a little late.


    Some of the pictures are a little blurry.

    A cute little rat!

    This is a rabbit, don't you think it looks like a pug?

    I LOVE guinea pigs! This one is soooo cute!


    A litter of puppies! (There were a few more than this, the picture does not show them.)
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    Great pictures, are you tempted to adopt any of them?

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    Thanks Alpha! Yes, I would love to have one of the rats or a puppy! Any of them would be nice!
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    You should give one of them a good home Yeti, a rat, rabbit or guinea pig would be easier to care for, but a pup or kitten would be nice if you have the money for their medical care and the time to devote to them on a daily basis.

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    I might try for the guinea pig, I would love to have one. If if adopt it then I'll give you the news!
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