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"Apartment" issue

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    "Apartment" issue


    I have been researching the internet thin to find some valid sources or at least some answers, and I really hope you can help me!!

    So the thing is that my boyfriend and I live for rent at the first floor in a house, the landlords "lives" downstairs. Both "apartments" are seperated with a staircase with a door in each end.
    Out landlords are 98% of the time in their summerhouse, they basically only come home to drop off their dog to be home alone and then they leave somewhere.

    Now that you have the basic information of the problem, here is the thing:
    My boyfriend and I have earlier asked to get a rabbit which runs around in the whoće apartment - we were allowed with that, and now have Charlie.
    Recently I asked if we could adopt a cat! My landlord got very mad (there's a deeper reason why she doesn't want especially THIS cat)

    But her reason for not letting us adopt the cat is because it would stress the dog to have a cat in the house which is not theirs.
    - My questions is, is this true??? Or is she just coming up with excuses.

    The cat will ONLY stay in our apartment. Can the dog smell the cat through the ceiling or what? I simply can't believe that the dog would even know that the cat is upstairs! Remember that we already have a rabbit which has never been a problem!

    Hope you can help! Thank you!!

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    unfortunately if the landlord is the owner of the property and they say no, then you an't get the cat, if they are not the owners but have the final say of the owners then you are out of luck. If not then you can speak to the owners yourself. As far as the dog so what if he knows the cat is there? He will have no contact with the cat and he got used to the scent of the rabbit so he'll get used to the cat.
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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