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Nearing Halloween..........

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    Nearing Halloween..........

    It is nearing Halloween again and I found this thread about Holloween and pets that Alpha1 posted a long time ago and would like to share it again. Alpha gave some nice tips! Thanks Alpha1!

    Thanks and keep your pet safe!
    ​Chicken lover!

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    Alpha, I hope I did not hijack your tread. I can delete the tread if you don't want it...... Sorry.
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    Glad you shared it Yeti, lots of pets get lost and are very fearful during Halloween, and for good reason. If you live in areas like I do where there are lots of kids coming by dressed in strange costumes, the pets don't know what to think. Everyone should make sure their pets are not stressed and most of all, be sure they're not outdoors or run outside in fear if there's a lot of Halloween activity outside your house.

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    Thanks Alpha!
    ​Chicken lover!

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