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Can you rescue a fish?

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    Question Can you rescue a fish?

    Hi everyone,

    I have two pet betta fish,

    this is kind of a dump question. Can you rescue a fish? I don't think so.....there is a tread called "Do you have a rescued pet?" ( I don't think I have one.....

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    Yeti, did you ever see any fish for adoption at the shelter? I imagine there are cases where an old person with an aquarium dies and someone in the family takes the fish to a shelter because they don't want to care for the fish. I'd be curious if you've ever seen them there.

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    No, I never saw any fish. Thats why I'm asking.

    I feel a little bad because I did not rescue.....but I guess I gave two fish a good home.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yetidog37 View Post
    .....but I guess I gave two fish a good home.
    That's the most important thing with any pet.

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    Thanks! I feel better now, some day I'll rescue a dog or cat.
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