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FHO or THR Xray included

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    FHO or THR Xray included

    Hello All,

    Question for veterans of this forum and any doctors . I have a chow, pom mix about 30 lbs 7 years old. Got xrays of her hip and looks like she has hip displaysia.
    Doctors I visited are telling me FHO is the best option , but I have read bad reviews about both. So I am very confused and not sure what to do.
    Any advice would help.

    Thanks so much.43148659_735751860092380_3019761106039078912_n.jpg
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    Welcome to the forum! First, I'm not a doctor, I don't know if there are any active doctor's on the forum. I'm sorry, I have no advise. Hope you find someone to help!
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    It may not matter, but how old is your dog? My vet diagnosed one of my past dogs with dysplasia, I was seeing him for decades and trusted his experience and advice for all my dogs over the years. He told us that we should not do the surgery because it may not get her back to normal and it would just cause her a lot of extra pain and discomfort. So, he put her on rimadyl and we gave her other joint supplements along with that.

    Good luck with your girl, I know what you're going through. More about some options HERE.

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