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My dog won't eat!

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    My dog won't eat!


    The vet is closed today and that is why I am here. Earlier this week, we adopted a Siberian husky which is 2 years old and was neutered the day before we picked it up. We give it dog food, have tried different varieties, and the dog won't eat. She drinks water, but vomited earlier today.. I am assuming that her previous owners gave her regular food not processed for animals. Any ideas on what we can do? Thanks.

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    Well, I'm not really sure, one thing is take him to the vet as soon as possible.

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    check his stitches and make sure there is no infection, pussy, leaking ect. Try giving him baby food, warm it up just a bit so he can get the smell. Don't worry to much about it, dogs don't starve themselves if he's sick thats one thing but if he's just holding out offer him the food, if he doesn't eat within fifteen minutes pick the dish up and don't offer him anything until the next meal. He may hold out two or three days but when he gets hungry he'll eat.
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    The first two questions to ask yourself when your dog stops eating are "Does my dog have pain?" and/or "Does my dog have a fever?". Those are the most common reasons.

    Is your dog receiving pain pills after her operation? Is she taking antibiotics after her operation?

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    was neutered the day before we picked it up
    I read this and was taken aback. Why would anyone move a dog to a new home the day after surgery? It takes them at least three days if not a week to get over post-surgery pain and weirdness. And then plopping them in a completely new environment to boot? Ouch.

    Have you asked the previous owner what food she is used to eating? Why not continue with the same food while she is going through all this other turmoil? In any case, food should be changed gradually.

    If your dog has devoped an infection from her surgery, she needs to get to the vet asap.

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