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My dog isn't eating, despite nothing being wrong with him

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    Exclamation My dog isn't eating, despite nothing being wrong with him

    Good day all

    We have a 13-year old dog(not sure about the bread) that stopped eating. It's not he doesn't want to, as I can hear his stomach growl and he seems excited when offered food. The problem is he sometimes just gives the food a sniff and turns his head away. I have tried everything, from something soft like scrambled eggs to sausage. I know these are not optimal food sources for a dog, but I'm desperate. First, a little background.

    Ultrasound, X-rays, Blood test
    We have taken him to the vet to see if there is a medical problem. We did ultrasound and blood tests, as well as took X-rays. All these test provided us with nothing, meaning that there was no health related reason for him to be behaving like this.

    We have considered that he may be picky, but this is not the case, as even when we give him meat(I don't mean large chunks, just small pieces) he won't take it. He also doesn't seem to have a defined food preference, as we can give him something and the next day he doesn't want any of it. This has been going on for almost a week.

    It is also noteworthy that this has been getting gradually worse. More specifically we usually mix his pellets with a can of meat(made for dogs, that is), and he didn't want to eat it at first, but eventually will when he gets really hungry. As of now he doesn't eat anything and maybe hasn't eaten much this entire week. Please help, as he needs to eat and I'm scared that he will starve if he doesn't.

    P.S. he is a fairly small dog, maybe the size of an average jack russel. He isn't a jack russel, though.

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    Hi Vafdaf- Has your dog lived with you for most of his 13 years? Has this situation or something similar ever happened in the past?

    Quote Originally Posted by vafdaf12 View Post
    he is a fairly small dog, maybe the size of an average jack russel.
    What is your dog's normal weight? What is the current weight?

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    Yes he has. I do not know his normal weight, but I do know he weighs 8.23kg at this time. He has been a little overweight since he was castrated in March

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    try giving him some baby food, I'm wondering if his mouth is sore because of a tooth?? If he can eat the baby food give him that and gradually introduce solid food a little at a time. Also try to get him to drink pedialite or gator ade. That will put the electrolites back in his system. Dogs won't starve themselves, when they get hungry they will eat. If there is nothing physically wrong with him he'll eat when he gets hungry.
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    He was neutered at age 13? Why was that?

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