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Interesting Dog facts

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    Interesting Dog facts

    I saw an interesting facts thread in the cat forum and thought it would be nice to have one on dogs as well. I'll start off with a few:

    • Apple and pear seeds contain arsenic, which may be deadly to dogs.
    • After the fall of Rome, human survival often became more important than breeding and training dogs. Legends of werewolves emerged during this time as abandoned dogs traveling in packs commonly roamed streets and terrified villagers.
    • Dog nose prints are as unique as human finger prints and can be used to identify them.
    • Male dogs will raise their legs while urinating to aim higher on a tree or lamppost because they want to leave a message that they are tall and intimidating. Some wild dogs in Africa try to run up tree trunks while they are urinating to appear to be very large.

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    *Grapes are also bad for dogs!

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    basset hounds can't swim.

    normal breeds can run at about 19 miles per hour at top speed whereas a greyhound can reach nearer to 42 mph.

    The average dog's mouth exerts 150 to 200 pounds of pressure per square inch. Some dogs can apply up to 450 pounds.

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    The fastest dogs on earth are Greyhounds, with speeds of up to 45 miles per hour.

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    It is a myth that dogs are color blind. They can actually see in color, just not as vividly as humans. It is akin to our vision at dusk.
    I always thought that was my favourite myth about dogs.

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    -Dogs 'talk' to each other. When they meet there's a ritual of pricking up the ears, wagging their tails, sniffing and barking.

    -Dogs that have a high proportion of wolf blood, are less likely to fight among themselves. But they always ready to attack others, especially those of predominantly jackal type, like the Basenji.

    -We must be careful not to judge the behavior of the dog according to the human model. This would be no more sensible than comparing the behavior of a dog with that of a bird. Each has the intelligence and instincts of its own species.

    There is between the intelligence of animals and that of humans, and unbridgeable abyss based on the inability of animals to think conceptually and logically...and above all, their lack of language, which allows people to express themselves.

    -Dogs express themselves in a code made up of a complex of signs, perceptions and odors that allow them to understand each other. Lowered ears = preoccupation and fear, Pricked ears = attention, Ears Forward = alarm. Raised and wagging tail = joy and security, Set Rigid Tail = disquiet, Lowered tail = insecurity. Tail between legs = fear, Lips raised in snarl = intimidation.

    -A dog that is offering its paw is immature or insecure, unless its following a command. A dog that lies on its back is passive and surrenders to a greater authority...or is wise and asking for an alliance.

    (from Simon&Shuster's Guide to Dogs)

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    Dogs taste great with a little Mrs. Dash and some hot-sauce! (Just kidding! Please don't eat your pets, no matter how delicious your hot-sauce may be.)

    Adult dogs have 42 teeth, normally.

    The oldest dog lived to be 29 years old.

    Dogs CAN see in color, just not nearly as vividly as humans. It isn't 100% black and white.

    The origin of amputating a dog’s tail may go back to the Roman writer Lucius Columella’s (A.D. 4-70) assertion that tail docking prevented rabies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McPuffin View Post
    Dogs taste great with a little Mrs. Dash and some hot-sauce! (Just kidding! Please don't eat your pets, no matter how delicious your hot-sauce may be.)
    LOL! Mmmm, yummy dog...

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