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    Red face Pickle

    Hi, I am Evelyn, my cat's name is Pickle, a female chinchilla cat, she is only ten months old, her birthday is on 12/15, so I want to hold a birthday party for her. Has anyone ever had a birthday party for your pets? I hope can get your interesting experiences. Two months ago, My mom and I took her to ligature, after the surgery, she can't even walk well, that makes me feel very distressed, but fortunately, she can run around happily the next day.I want to ask if your cats are getting fatter after been ligated? Because Pickle is now twice the weight before she had the surgery, I am a little worry about her weight, I hope she can always be healthy and happy. She is also very special, cats usually give the impression of difficult to get close, but she is just the opposite, she likes to sleep on my legs, neck, arms, or any place on my body. When I was playing the phone, she will come over and withstand the phone with her head, ask me to play with her by grinding my face. I can't imagine that there are more cute cats in the world than her.Can you share your cute cats with me? Hope I can see a lot of cute angle from reply. And here is Pickle's picture.166730.jpg

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    welcome to the forum and you have a beautiful girl. I've never had birthday parties for my animals but nothing says you can't. If you want to see some of our pets check out the albums. Lots of cuties there. My album is called "my furry family", I have pictures of my german shepherd and my bengal cats
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    Welcome Evelyn, Pickle is a beautiful kitty!

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