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First post all need advice

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    First post all need advice

    I have a 5 year old Labradoodle, he doesn’t like certain noises, eg taking plates out of cupboards opening fridge door, his behaviour has got us baffled as he is now scared of his food/ bowl. I have changed his bowl 3 times with no effect, he will eat it but leans in to take a bit of food and backs away can anyone advice why he is like this and how to help him

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    Hello and welcome to the forum

    Something scared your dog, did someone by accident drop his food bowl and make a noise that scared him? Can he push the dish around and maybe scared himself when it hit the wall or something? Try a raised food bowl that doesn't move, see if that helps. Or you could try sitting at the table and when he comes put a few pieces of his food in his dish, near you, and see if that will make him eat. Open the frige door, let him see what's inside then close the door, do this several times to show him nothing is going to jump out at him. The dishes, keep opening and closing the door, he'll get used to the sound.

    Maybe you could take him different places and show him different things, if it scares him stop and show him nothing is going to hurt him and do it again and again and again until he gets used to whatever it is that's scaring him. You can also put lavender drops on his collar, lavender is supposed to be calming. I don't know if tha't true or not but worth a try I guess.

    Your vet could give you something to keep him calm but that should be a last resort.
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    How long have you had him, has he always been this way? I'm thinking that if you just adopted him, he might have come from a home where there was a lot of loud angry arguing or fighting, maybe rough kids or at the worst, he suffered some abuse.

    The worst thing you can do is to tell him it's okay when he acts fearful of those things, that's encouraging the fearful responses. You're better off ignoring the fear, try to just go about your business in the house and ignore his reactions to normal things, don't fuss over the bowl anymore, just put it in an area where he can eat without high traffic around him. He should get better with it over time, don't project your concerned emotions, he senses that there's something wrong if you do. Good luck, I personally wouldn't give him any medications at this point, pharmaceutical or alternative.


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    Thanks very much for your suggestions!! I’ll give them a try and hopefully it works

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    My Labradoodle is really not food driven, so when other dogs would eat all of a bowl of canned food, mine will eat a small amount, walk away from the bowl even sometimes into the next room, then slowly approach the bowl again, even walking around the long way, to take another mouthful. He never seemed afraid of the bowl, but has a peculiar way of eating. With the dry kibble, he may stay with the bowl and eat some, or take one or two crunchies away from the bowl, even into the next room, and eat them like that. Depends on his mood.

    He does seem to be afraid, or at least offput, when someone in the room sneezes, he'll get up and leave. Even if it sounds with my breathing that I'm about to sneeze, he'll get up and walk out of the room, then return shortly.

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