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New forum member!

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    Cool New forum member!

    What's up all!

    I'm quite new to the site.
    Came to share and learn about all kinds of dogs, overall.
    My name is Jay & I have a Boxer-Pit mix; his name is Penny.
    Hope everyone has a great week!


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    New Hampshire
    hello Jay ,welcome to the forum, I love the brindle coloring, one of my daughter's has a white boxer. her name is nyla
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    Welcome to the forum Jay! Penny is cute! You can find a LOT of dog stuff here. Linda, one of the members here posts some articles about dog foods that tells you what not to feed your dog. (Like this thread:


    Look out for the so called "
    cytopoint" shot which makes dogs sick and kills them!!
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    ​Chicken lover!

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    Hi Jay & Penny

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    Penny is a handsome dog!

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    I do a podcast about pets with my sister called: FurBalls & DogBones - A great resource for all things pets!
    Help all the pets you can!

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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