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primitive bone behavior

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    primitive bone behavior

    I dont understand my dog timbers behavior sometimes when I give her a high value bone. if I give her food, or cheese, or bully sticks she eats them happily from my hands or a bowl. but if I give her a chicken foot for example, sometimes even though I know shes hungry and she really loves chicken feet she refuses to eat it. but moreso, she will give me the bone, she brings it to me as if she is giving it to me, and then she sits as close to me as she can and growls and guards the bone, even though she brought it to me. she nudges me to pet her but also growls the whole time I'm petting her even thoughh shes demanding that I pet her. sometimes this goes on for hours. what can I do to get her to stop stressing out and just enjoy the bone? she is clearly looking for me to signal something to her I just dont understand what...

    (I have tried everything to get there to eat it comfortably, I've tried ignoring her, I've tries pretending to eat some of it and then give it to her, I've tried doing what I think she wants, i dont know what else to do and i dont want to stress her out I want her to just enjoy them and be happy)

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    Liking chicken and liking bone with chicken are completely different things. She likes chicken without the bone but not chicken flavored bone.

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    Bones are fine to give her as long as they aren't cooked. Cooking makes them brittle. As far as growling is it a nasty growl and will she snap at you if you take it? If not then she really isn't growling at you, she is "talking" to you. Have you taught her "leave it and drop it? If not they start there. If she has it and is really growling at you tell her to drop it, if she does give it back to her, these two commands are important because someday she may have something dangerous to her and she need to know drop it.
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