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Tick fall into dogs ear while removing it.

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    Tick fall into dogs ear while removing it.

    I have a dog. Today while petting her I found some ticks inside my dog's ear. I removed all of them except one while fell off my hands and into the dog's ear, i couldn't find it. probably it falls inside the dog's ear. From then i am worried if it may harm my dog. Please, let me know what should i do? is it ok or its a matter to be worried.

    Thank you.

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    if your dog on flea and tick preventative? If not he should be. Take a flashlight and see if you can find the tick and remove it. If not put frontline on the dog and it will die and when the dog shakes his head the dead tick should fall out. If he's already had preventative used on him this month, still the same, it will die then you need to remove it if its still in there but it should come out. If he doesn't shake it out put some ear cleaner in his ear, this for sure will make him shake his head
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    If it were my dog, I'd take him to the vet and have his ear flushed professionally, if they can retrieve the tick, it's well worth it.

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