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Newly adopted female w/ female already

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    Newly adopted female w/ female already

    We have a 3 yr old female Manchester terrier/shepherd X that has been a part of our family since a pup. We just got a rescue female border collie X. We think she's about 5 years. Both have been fixed. Our 3 yr old is growling and snarling at the new girl when she gets close to us (mom, son and grandma- all adults). Should we ignore it as they might be deciding alpha, or should we be addressing the issue? Light growls and light snarls, nothing aggressive. As of yet, should we be concerned either way?

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    Nothing fights like two females. You'd have done better getting a male. In time they may be able to co exist but until the time comes they must be kept separate. Gate one of them in a different room until you know they won't fight
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    Welcome to hte forum. Thank you for posting. What are the names of your dogs?

    t will never go away if you ignore it and could get worse. Check out the Dog Behavior and Training section. It is a common problem.

    BTW Linda's avatar is her own female Germah shepherd. She knows her stuff.

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