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How Long Should You Monitor for Signs of E. Coli?

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    How Long Should You Monitor for Signs of E. Coli?

    My dogs (chihuahuas) got a small piece of romaine lettuce about 24 hours ago. Now that I'm aware of the E. Coli outbreak, I'm nervous -- how long should we monitor for symptoms? I know it'll probably take a much larger amount for them to be affected but I'm being cautious anyways. One is three, one is seven and one is six. Thanks!!

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    I don't know, but I imagine the effects of e-coli in people or pets would show within the first 48 hours. Good to hear you're being cautious, I would too if my pets ate any of that lettuce. Welcome!

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    River is not new here but has not been here for awhile. Welcome back River!

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