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How often do I feed my betta's?

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    How often do I feed my betta's?

    How often should I feed my betta fish? When they go down to the bottom of the tank they seem to be hungry. (Because when I feed them they don't catch all the food, some sinks to the bottom of the tank.)

    Thank you.

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    I never had Bettas Yeti, but here's some info for you. More here.

    Feeding the betta fish is crucial, but you have to control the amount. You would not want a lot of your fish food going to waste. Make sure to only feed it the amount of food it can finish within 2 minutes.

    Do not be surprised to see that is all the time the betta fish will spend eating. The remaining food in the aquarium will simply go to waste—it will now settle to the bottom of your aquarium and end up rotting there. You can imagine the amount of pollution this could cause in the aquarium water.

    With so much food settling at the bottom, you would have to clean the aquarium more often to remove the remnants. Also, the dirty water caused by the remaining food could easily make the fish sick.
    Sometimes you might get a betta fish that eats for more than 2 minutes. If you see such a behavior, it means your fish is getting fat.

    Yes, do not be surprised to see the fish actually get fatter with time. Check around the belly area to see if it has a bulge. If there is a bulge present, then your fish is definitely overweight.

    For those using pellets to feed the fish, simply use 3 pellets at each feeding time to eliminate the wastage of food.

    Most of the time you will buy an adult betta fish from the pet store. For such a fish, simply feed it twice per day.

    Giving it more food than that would not help the fish but simply go to waste as indicated earlier. The label on the fish food might state that you should feed it more often, but in reality, we know that’s just a gimmick to get you to buy more fish food.

    If you end up with a younger betta fish the feeding is still the same, twice per day. The fish is also just like humans—skipping a meal once in a while not bad.

    Whenever you skip giving the fish its food, it can help by giving its digestive system a break. Think about how the fish only eats for two minutes and that is it—this shows how small its digestive system is.

    A break from feeding also helps the fish to get rid of the toxins from its body before the next meal comes in. You can feed it only once one day, or skip a day and then get back to the routine.

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    Wow! pretty betta! Thanks for the info! I'll check if my Bettas are fat!

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