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Question about dog (medical)

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    Question about dog (medical)

    My dog has a large cyst/abcess type of issue on his genital area. He has shown no signs of pain or loss of appetite or energy. It started as just a small abcess but quickly escalated to a much larger size. We are just concerned it is cancer or somthing, if anyone could shed some insight or had a relatable issue with their dog, please let me know! We are really going to take him to the vet it got bad very quickly, within a matter of days.

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    The dog needs to see a vet ASAP, you need to have that cyst analyzed and see what's in there. They can either rule out or tell you if it is cancer. Anytime anything like that suddenly starts growing he should be seen by a vet
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    Linda is right! Take him to a vet ASAP! I hope it is not cancer...wishing you the best, good luck!

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    Anyone have an idea what caused the cyst to grow or even appear ? My dog has a similar condition

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    We don't even know if it is a cyst or something much worse.
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    Take your dog to the vet as soon as possible cause its better and its a good decision.

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