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Weird cat

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    Weird cat


    I have this really weird question. I've been searching about this topic on the internet, but haven't found anything.

    Me and my husband got a male kitten one month ago. He's a 5 month old half bengal, not yet neutered. He is a friendly, social and active little boy, but sometimes he bites us both (not hard) a bit when he's playful. When me and my husband sleep we close the bedroom door and the cat has gotten used to that.

    So, to my weird question. When I and my husband do things that a couple do in the bedroom, our cat goes crazy when we're done and open the door. He gets aggressive and bites my husband in the legs. I've never seen him this aggressive in other situations, and he always bites my husband, never me.

    So, what's the deal? Does he smell hormones? Does he feel threatened since there's another male on his territory? He's usually very friendly to my husband.

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    Does he bite gently when he bites your husband like he does with play?

    When you play with him, every time he bites one of you, you have to say "no bite!" or use a word like that and stop playing for a few mins. Then resume playing like nothing happened. Do not let him begin a habit of biting.

    I'm not sure why he does that to you husband but be sure to help him stop his biting habit. Never spank him, that will just make it worse. Never do anything to punish him. Be patient will him. Good luck and

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