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Reasons That You Should Sleep With Your Dog

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    My dog sleep with us every night, and all of my past dogs have slept in bed with us if they liked....the cat too. I like my pets living in my home as family, whether it's on the chairs or couch in the living room, loveseat in the den or in bed with us at night....wouldn't have it any other way. Full story here.

    • Surveys suggest that 56 percent of dog owners sleep with their dog next to them, with about 50 percent of the dogs sleeping in their owner’s bed
    • The physical presence of your dog next to you provides a source of companionship and comfort
    • Forty-one percent of pet owners perceive their pets as unobtrusive or even beneficial to sleep
    • Service animals, and perhaps even pets, could be beneficial in the support of sleep disorders including obstructive sleep apnea, nightmares and narcolepsy
    • Among people with chronic pain, having a dog in the bed helped many fall asleep and stay asleep

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    I still follow "let sleeping dogs lie." Any dog can bite if startled or bothered while sleeping. My guys seem to know this. Everyone comes for snuggles at bedtime, but as they get sleepy each goes and finds a free space on the floor for themselves. Sunny alone likes to stay on the bed, but even she carefully moves to a different part of the bed before going to sleep. She probably, like me, remembers the morning that I unintentionally startled her out of sleep while my face was nearby and in a scared daze she bit me squarely on the nose, leading to lots of blood. As soon as her head was clear and she realized what she had done, she was very contrite. Unfortunately for me, that day was a big day when I had to give presentations in front of large groups of strangers, and my nose looked like a Frankenstein slash job. Pretty embarrassing, but also comical.

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    I'd be scared that I'd squish my chihuahua, ha, ha

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    If my dog wants to sleep beside me in bed, why not? I love it but I try to be really careful in order to not disrupt his sleep.

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    I also love to sleep with my Corgi and cats. I had a long period of insomnia, nightmares, and airsickness, which greatly affects my quality of daily life. Until I slept with my mom's dog at one night, I felt at ease and fall asleep quickly when I pet his soft fur. Then my mom suggested me to raise a dog in my apartment. So I picked up a Corgi from my friend and later adopted two rescue cats. They sleep with me every night and get on well with each other. Gradually I found my sleeping quality improves, and my airsickness disappears when I travel with my dog in the aircraft. As I have to fly to England every month for errands, I have to register him as my emotional support dog and travel with him together. At first, I thought it's hard to carry a dog into the craft due to various reasons, such as dislikes of passenger and strict requirements. Then found lots of guides and referred their experience, here are examples:
    How to Travel with Your Dog by Plane
    How to fly with a large emotional support dog

    Luckily, every passenger respects him and helps me to take care of him. And most of the hotels in the local are dog-friendly. I am not afraid of sleeping alone out of my home.

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