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My kitty had a little bit of blood on her poop hole

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    My kitty had a little bit of blood on her poop hole

    So i got a 2 months old female kitty a few days ago, so far she had no issues with the litterbox. And i havent seen any blood in her poop/litterbox nor her poop hole. But today i saw her poop and noticed she kinda stepped on her own poop, so i picked her up to clean her paws with water and i noticed her poop hole had a little bit of blood. I am panicking i dont know what that means! She seems very healthy and is very playful ! Should i be worried?

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    Welcome to the forum. Thank you for posting. What is your kitty's name?

    You should always be worried about seeintg blood in the rectum (poop hole) or feces. Acting normal does not mean being healthy because a feline instinct is hiding paIn and discomfort.

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    I would clean the anal area gently and inspect it closely to see if there's a cut or scratch that caused the bleeding. If it looked okay, I'd watch closely for the next 48 hours to see if any more blood appears. If you see it again, even if it's a tiny amount, I'd take the cat to the vet for closer examination and perhaps take a stool sample for testing. Blood is usually a red flag for other problems, so it shouldn't be completely ignored. You're right to be concerned, welcome to the forum.

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    the blood is coming from someplace, you should see a vet to make sure its nothing serious. It could be something she ate and wasn't blood at all. But a vet check will ease your mind.
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    Yes, I agree with Linda, take her to a vet as soon as....well, ASAP.

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    You should take your cat to the vet in order to be sure if there's a possibility of a internal wound. Best of luck!

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    I agree with everyone.
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    My cat had blood in the soft poop when he was 5 months old and cured after I fed him deworming medications. But I think it's incredible for a two-month-old kitten, because it would happen when the cat has plenty of worms.

    I had googled that the rigid poop with blood may be caused by digestive problems or virus, such as indigestion.

    I suggest you observe kitten's situation, if it reduces eating, sleeps longer, and has panic in the abdomen, it's possible to get digestive problems or other wrong diseases like cat plague. Sent to the vet asap.
    Good luck!

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