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Dog Out of Control

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    Dog Out of Control

    My daughter has a rescue dog that she brought home a little over a month ago. Since day one hes been a handful. Hes escaped his collar will on the tie out.... we had our city police and whole neighborhood looking for him. A kind lady found him heading up the on-ramp for the highway & posted on Facebook. Thank goodness. Hes taken off out the door and ran, etc. the biggest problem is.... he tears up the house when shes at work.... every day. Hes not alone during these times. My daughter has a cat and another dog. She tried keeping the new dog in a kennel that I gave her but he literally broke out of it. She really doesnt want to keep him in a metal cage kennel all day long, but shes beginning to run out of options. He also poops in the house. You could be outside with him for 2 hours.... bring him inside.... leave him alone for 5 mins, and hes pooped. Hes approx 3 yrs old and German Shepard. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Im getting tired of going to her house & cleaning up his carnage everyday so she doesnt have to deal with it after working all day long. Thank you

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    Hi Brenda- How often does the dog receive a real walk? Being outside on a line doesn't count as exercise. Really, it's almost the opposite of exercise. I take my dogs for a walk that tires them out twice a day- once in the morning and once in the evening. I know if they didn't have these two walks faithfully every day, the energy that would be pent up as a result would lead to lots of issues.

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    dog force is right, the dog needs exercise, a tired dog is a good dog. More exercise will release his pent up energy and he won't be so destructive. As far as pooping on the floor at some point someone punished or scared him so now he won't go when you are watching. You need to start his housebreaking all over again as if he were a small puppy. Teach him words like "outside" and "go potty" teach him to ring a bell when he has to go out. If he's left at home all day alone he needs to either be crated or in a room gated off with a baby gate and newspaper on the floor to use. He's three years old, well old enough to hold it until your daughter gets home from work. Put him in a room where he can't destroy anything, give him something to keep him occupied like an antler to redirect his destructive behavior. The dog needs work, they don't self train. A shepherd is a high energy dog, he HAS to have an outlet for that energy. Until he does he will continue to be bored and destructive. Maybe someone could go in every couple of hours to run him and let him out. You'll see a different dog when he gets the training he needs and the exercise he needs.
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    If she is at work all day and does not have time to train him, she should not have him. If she already has a dog and a cat why does she need more? If she wants to keep him she will have to take some time to house train him and give him more exercise. She may not want to do any of this and she don't have to do it, but that is what I say to do.

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    Like the others have said, he needs exercise and basic training and your daughter doesn't seem to have given him much of either since she brought him home. He's not out of control, he hasn't been guided by anyone in how to behave properly, he needs to know what to do and what not to do, someone has to make the effort to teach him, show him things in a positive way. In my opinion he shouldn't be on a tie out or in a metal cage. Maybe you can take him in the daytime and devote some of your time for basic training and walks? Hope you take some of the advice given above, it's all positive, please don't blame the dog. Welcome to the forum.

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