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store error - 3 pregnant mice

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    store error - 3 pregnant mice

    I bought 4 mice from a chain petsore, that supposedly has only female mice. I finally got a good look at the one that won't let me hold it, and discovered that it is a male. One male with 3 females for two weeks, not to mention how long they were in the pet store cage together. If they weren't pregnant when I got them, they most likely are now.

    I didn't like taking back the male mouse, because the store sells even the fancy mice as snake food, but I didn't have a choice. I traded him for a female which is from a new batch that didn't have a male in with the females. I felt like I was rescuing the mice when I took them from the store.

    Now I will potentially have 21 baby mice all at one time, and will probably end up having to take them to the pet store where they will become snake food. It is a very sad situation. I will try to find homes for the babies if I end up with them, but don't think soany people would want them as pets. I'm worried someone will lie and give them to a snake or experiment on them. I just can't deal with that many mice.

    My other problem is that I know nothing about mice having babies. I had plenty of hamsters when I was much younger, who had a lot of babies... one had 13 at once and ate half of them, one got loose and abandoned the babies to die the day after they were born (we saw the mom running into a rainwater drain outside). I was told mice don't eat the babies and that the other adult female mice won't harm them, but would like to know if that is actually true. I need to know how long I should expect to have before having baby mice, what to look for, whether I need to do anything special for them, and anything else that will help.

    If anyone lives in my area of Montgomery County, MD and wants baby mice if I have them, let me know.

    Thanks in advance for any information or suggestions.

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    I took back the male mouse and traded it for a female. I feel bad that it might end up as snake food. The female that took in its place is safe from snakes now.

    I know the new mouse isn't pregnant at least, because there was a whole new batch of mice. Seeing the whole new batch bothers me that the store sold a couple dozen mice in just two weeks. Are there so many people getting pet mice, or are the majority of the sales for snake food?

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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