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Is switching homes for a russian dwarf hamster bad for it?

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    Is switching homes for a russian dwarf hamster bad for it?

    Me and my friend were thinking of getting a russian dwarf hamster together. We think itís a good idea because each of us only has to pay half the price we usually would if we got it on our own, as weíre splitting all of the costs. We were planning on switching between the hamster on a set schedule, every two weeks or so. However, I have read a few things and Iím starting to worry if switching homes could be harmful to the hamster in any way. I read that russian dwarf hamsters donít have the best memory, and Iím worried if weíll have to kinda re-bond with the hamster everytime we switch between it? It sounds a bit odd, I know haha, but I just wanted to make sure the hamster wonít suffer while it is with us. Does anyone know if switching between homes is ok with a hamster or not?

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    I would have to say its not a good idea, animals like a set routine and switching homes a couple of times a month might confuse it. Hamsters are not expensive so each of you should have your own
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    I agree with Linda.

    Each get your own and then you don't have to worry about your friend forgetting to feed, water it etc. It will be better for you and the hamster.
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    I agree with Linda also, it's not fair to the hamster to not give him one home where he feels secure and loved and has the perfect environment, lighting, temperature for his health and comfort. I think it's a mild form of abuse to do that to any pet really.

    Maybe if you can't afford to care for all of the needs of a hamster on your own, you should wait until you're better financially prepared, and that would be for any medical or health care necessary also. And what about other pets that will be around the hamster? If your friend has a pet that may attack him, that's just scaring and stressing the hamster, and very uncaring.

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    I agree with everyone. Get two hamsters.
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